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Local service businesses need to find ways to maintain revenue during these trying times. Whether it is a normal seasonal sales slump or a major economic downturn, the ServicesPro can help – especially our live chat software and services. Live chat an excellent way to engage with shoppers and convince them to do business with you at a time when not many people are buying or hiring. Here’s how live chat can help you can win their business:

  • A Better User Experience on Your Website.
    Many service business owners already understand the value of using live chat on their websites. But when sales are down, live chat is typically one of the first things to get cut from the budget. That can be a costly mistake, since live chat allows businesses to:
  • Keep shoppers focused on your business.
    Lower your website’s bounce rate with live chat by engaging with customers before they leave to go to your competitor’s site.
  • Face to Face Engagement.
    Even after the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, people are likely to be a little hesitant to go out and interact with other people. Our video chat feature is a great way to handle that.
  • More leads and sales.
    With live chat operators who are trained for conversations that convert, live chats will bring more appointments and recreational vehicles sold.
  • Cut operating costs.
    Chat conversations allow businesses to engage more shoppers effectively, and open additional communication lines.
    It is essential to have a managed chat provider like ServicesPro handle conversations with the shoppers on your website. That will give your staff more time to engage with in-store customers and increase sales volume.
  • Enhance Your Other Digital Marketing Efforts
    Shoppers are not limiting themselves to one device or source of information. When sales are down, you cannot afford to be limited to one source of lead generation.


Integrate live chat into your digital marketing strategy and have conversations with online shoppers across several different marketing channels. Innovative chat providers like ServicesPro deliver chat solutions that work across communication channels including SMS text messaging and Facebook Messenger.
Facebook is where a majority of people spend their online time. ServicesPro’s live chat software integrates very nicely with Facebook Messenger. Whether your marketing efforts on the social platform are organic or paid through Facebook Ads, ServicesPro can integrate live chat into your social media strategy.

Consumer Confidence
Customers need to feel that they are making the right purchasing decision and are buying from the right place.
Live chat provides a dynamic interaction to meet the unique wants and needs of your customers. Shoppers will be confident they are making the right choice.

There’s more…

ServicesPro’s packages for home service businesses combine our industry-leading live chat with other online business essentials like SEO, local directory listing management, appointment scheduling, and a great looking lead-generating website. No need to try to get all these services from different providers and make them all work together – ServicesPro is the complete online solution for home service businesses.


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